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                  case studies
                • alexander pressatc recently completed the implementation of data usage analytics solution for alexander street press.  the solution was based on the data analytics bouquet platform of squid solutions, specialized for analyzing academic material usage.

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                • wind
                  wind trusted us and saba cloud platform in its effort to educate its retail chain staff nationwide. advisory and technical support was provided to wind"s commercial training team, among others.

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                • atc has been recognized as epicor"s best international partner in the 2017 epicor customer experience awards. the 1st place award is related to the erp for banking specialized solution based on the epicor erp platform.

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                • mediafax group
                  mediafax group has entrusted newsasset to cover all its editorial and commercial operations. newsasset will support mediafax group’s traditional and online publishing activities, as well its news agency, becoming the it backbone that will replace all existing infrastructure.

                • emporiki bankemporiki bank meets sales and compliance objectives and reduces administrative costs related to training through their new lms solution.
                  the lms project aims to increase employee productivity and improve customer retention and satisfaction. also, emporiki bank achieved to measure their employees’ ability to retain essential information about banking and financial products, services and internal bank processes thought the lms’s assessment tool. the emporiki bank solution was based on saba software inc.’s learning suite. over a two-month period atc installed, deployed, configured and delivered the learning management system that went into production in 2011

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